Message fades too slow

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Message fades too slow

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= Message fades too slow =
which server: Barbies Monsterhunt World at
server build: 4638
ut.exe : v469d
date: 19.05.2024, 22.05.2024, 25.05.2024
bug_glitch relevance (low/middle/ high): very low

If specific (glitch) Message broadcasted then faded for 20-30 seconds.
Glitch Message instantly vanished when a new Message broadcasted soon after e.g. “Sniper Rifle unlocked!” and then “Player gets HP+500”.

Not all messages have been affected, e.g. these were fine:
“Player is unstoppable with 80 kills!”
“Player got a Redeemer!”
“Player gets HP+500”
“Team Amo activated in ”

Maps and affected Messages:
“You got a gift (a Graffiti Tool) for 180seconds! “ - message fades for 28 second.
“You got a gift (a Titan Gun) for 130seconds! “ - message fades for 23 second.
“Gift (a Graffiti Tool) disappear“ - message fades for 15-20 second.

“a Fang destroyed Player guided Redeemer“ - message fades for 15-20 second.

“You Found Secret Area!“ - message fades for 15-20 second.

“Ammo Dump raided!” - message fades too slow
“Sniper Rifle unlocked! - message fades too slow
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Re: Message fades too slow

Post by OVH »

Yes I see exactly the same thing and also on tanks server, some messages stay long and some messages are ok like before.
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